Bahamas Offers Opportunities for Sailing Adventures

Captain Mark Pomerenke has more than two decades of experience chartering catamarans in different areas of the world. Today, Captain Mark Pomerenke offers vacation and adventure charters throughout the Caribbean. His primary destination is the Bahamas, where many people enjoy the archipelago’s clear waters, colorful fish, and vivid coral reefs.

First-time visitors to the Bahamas may want to visit the popular city Nassau on Paradise Island, while those who want to enjoy a picturesque destination away from the hectic tourist areas can sail to Abacos, a northern island group with quiet settlements such as Hope Town and Marsh Harbour. Scuba divers enjoy Andros, the Bahamas’ largest island, which features a 140-mile-long barrier reef. The Exumas, a group of 365 islands and cays, are a popular place to visit, as they offer several opportunities to seek solitude in nature or mingle with other island visitors.

Moreover, sailing in the Bahamas provides an optimum mix of relaxation and adventure. Travelers can unwind as they rely on the expertise of a skilled charter captain to guide them to some of the most intriguing sites in the Bahamas.


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