Essentials to Bring on a StrayCat Charter

Stray Cat Charter pic

Stray Cat Charter

Catamaran Captain Mark Pomerenke hosts vacation and adventure charters through his company StrayCat Charters Captain Mark Pomerenke offers charters to the Bahamas, Panama, and Honduras.

After booking a charter with aboard StrayCat, guests should plan what they intend to bring. StrayCat can accommodate up to eight guests, but storage is limited. It is recommended to pack light and only bringing items appropriate for seasonal weather conditions.

For example, during the winter, temperatures reach up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the middle of the day, but at night, it can drop down to 50 degrees, making it important to bring a jacket. Summer temperatures tend to be 10 degrees warmer, so shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits, and shoes may be the only clothing a passenger needs.

In terms of protection and health care items, passengers should pack lip balm and sunscreen as well as prescription medication, as needed. For those susceptible to motion sickness, over-the-counter analgesics are available and should be purchased to bring on a trip. Other necessities include sunglasses and a hat or visor.

For more advice on items to bring on a charter, visit


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